Breast Cancer & Diet

Because I had a lump in my breast five years ago, I go off for my dreaded mammogram every year; I have my breasts flattened and pushed and prodded into oblivion but it is worth it. Detecting breast cancer early enough is the key to surviving it and although the whole procedure is a bit tension-inducing I know it’s worth it for peace of mind.

I also see a wonderful consultant who is interested in how diet affects breast cancer and so I get my annual catch up on the latest discoveries. And this year it’s all the things that I already take myself, but also recommend to my clients with a history of cancer, fertility-related immune issues, and any condition of inflammation like endometriosis or colitis.

Curcumin (the active compound in turmeric), taken with fish oil to enhance its absorption. I use Life Extension Super Bio Curcumin from Victoria Health.

Vitamin D. Generally I like to know the Vitamin D status of my clients so I arrange a blood test and can then ‘bespoke’ the dose as some people are very low and need a high dose for a certain period of time, whereas others just need a maintenance dose. Try BioCare Bio Mulsion D drops.

Sorghum. Now this is the one that I know nothing about. I once tasted sorghum beer in South Africa and it was horrible! However looking at the research (and there is lots) suggests that only certain strains have an inhibitive effect on breast cancer cells and who knows how much you have to eat. And it is impossible to find; I have scoured the internet and the best I came up with is Orgran Wholemeal Bread Mix Gluten Free Flour and Orgran Multigrain crispbreads, from Goodness Direct. So if anyone knows where to buy red sorghum bran, please let us all know!

Other well researched foods to eat plenty of are cruciferous vegetables like broccoli (M&S do one called Benne Forte Super Broccoli), and especially broccoli sprouts, which contain glucosolinates that are anti-breast cancer, cold pressed olive oil and pomegranate.

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