Beauty oil

olive-oil-600x393Last night I realised I had run out of cleanser and as I am not a person who favours the natural look I was scrabbling through my cupboards for some old samples that I might have kept for emergencies such as this when I had a brainwave. What about olive oil, I thought? It just happened that a lovely client had given me a bottle of the oil her family made on their estate in Greece, and a friend who lives in Italy had just given me a bottle of their home made oil too. Cold pressed, extra virgin and organic with a known provenance is just how I would ideally like my olive oil to be, but presents such as this are a bit thin on the ground. I had already done a bit of a blind tasting with my husband and the Greek oil was stronger, more peppery and pungent than the Italian so I decided to leave that for eating and use the milder Italian one as a cleanser. And what a fabulous cleanser it is; Lancôme lash thickening and lengthening mascara (needs must nowadays), that usually requires the beauty equivalent of a brillo pad just slid off gently onto the cotton wool pad. Rubbing is just SO bad for lines. Inspired, I massaged the oil into my face and then used a hot muslin cloth to take it off, and honestly my skin felt fabulous; clean and smooth, really good.

I am also using olive oil as hand cream and cuticle oil, and also on my arms (to show or not to show an arm is a bit of a dilemma at the moment….). I also remember reading a Japanese study which showed that applying olive oil to sun damaged skin helps to protect against skin cancer. Just one study, and on mice and it doesn’t mean that you can hammer yourself in the sun and then whack on the olive oil and all will be well. But it makes sense to me. Olive oil is just the most fabulous thing, and I am no way convinced that the new passion for rape seed oil is going to knock olive oil off its top-oil perch, and in my opinion, nor should it.

And that’s my next blog!

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