Brain Food

brain-food-2-1I am doing a course at the moment which means that I have to drive to Guildford from north London and sit from 9am to 6pm in a warm, stuffy room for a week. I had been finding it almost impossible to stay awake from about 3 o’clock, no matter how lovely, interesting and engaging the lecture I would begin to yawn, desperately stifling them as much as possible, then the drooping eyelids would begin, followed by the hallucinations that I was lying in bed, arrrgggghhh what to do? I rammed my fingers under my eyebrows, physically trying to stop my dropping lids, I even pinched myself hard on the arm with my nails, surely pain would work, I drank loads of water in the hopes that wanting to go to the loo would keep me awake, that always seems to work when I am comfortably asleep for God’s sake! But to no avail; it was a bit like being drugged. Then to my horror, on my week but last I found myself doing it in the morning and I thought this just has to be sorted.

Hard-core solution needed. New drastic regime…….

Wake up: cup of tea, then before leaving at 7am, green juice; spinach, apple, celery, cucumber and whatever other greenery I could find. Quite difficult to do though.

In car: by the time I hit the A3, Village Bakery Rye Bread toast sandwich with Whole Earth peanut butter, delicious actually. One cup of not very nice coffee on arrival.

Morning break: went outside, walked around and ate some blueberries and walnuts, both of which are very good for memory, and a green tea. I don’t actually like green tea but I have found one called Yerba Mache by Rio Trading which is OK. Lots of water.

Lunch: Usually my downfall. I am starving by then, there’s loads of carby things which I eat gratefully and you do get to meet people but then you go back into the lecture room and it’s all over. So this time I returned to the car, put on my trainers and went for a run around the playing fields, got back in the car and ate my salad. This is my staple salad that I almost eat every day; John Hurd’s organic watercress, an avocado, tomatoes, Romano red pepper, pumpkin seeds, drizzle of really good olive oil, plus protein – chicken, cottage cheese, salmon, tuna and listened to the radio. Then I did my e-mails and walked back.

Afternoon: Cup of tea, 2 oat cakes.

Result, no friends but stayed awake, remembered things and didn’t arrive home knackered. All good.

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