Pre-conceptual nutrition

Studies show that the health of the sperm and egg before they even meet, can affect the outcome of a pregnancy and the health of the baby, child and even through to adulthood. My ten years of experience at the Zita West Clinic has helped me develop the expertise needed to help you both maximise your chance of conception.

Trying naturally

It’s a good idea to start preparing about three months before you would ideally like to conceive as both sperm and eggs take that time to develop. I can give you all the dos and don’ts of food and lifestyle that research has shown affect both male and female fertility, without making you completely paranoid about changing your lives and giving up everything!


Working with midwives, doctors and IVF clinics has given me a highly specialised knowledge of the process of assisted reproductive techniques and the vast array of different drugs now used, especially with the ongoing research into immune testing. Needs for all sorts of nutrients such as protein, vitamin D, calcium, B vitamins and iron are increased and the various drugs can also interact with nutrients. For example, did you know that heparin affects your absorption of vitamin D and calcium, and steroids can send your blood sugar levels all over the place? So I will make a ‘bespoke’ plan for you that fits especially with your own individual needs, what drugs you are taking, and also how you live your life. Above all, you will feel supported and many clients say that they quite like just being able to ‘do’ something to help things work.

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